Nineteen-year-old Akeem Taylor, one of the two men shot and killed during a confrontation with the police at his Albion, Montego Bay home Friday morning, is the son of Aaron Taylor, one of the two men slain by unknown assailants along Howard Cooke Boulevard on Thursday.

The senior Taylor and Kerry Fairclough were killed by men who shot up the motorcar they were travelling in along the busy thoroughfare in broad daylight.

The following morning, the police say about 4:45 they went in search of wanted men at a premises at Albion when they were greeted with gunfire.

The fire was returned and after the shooting died down the police  found Taylor and Shawn Bent suffering from gunshot wounds.

They were both taken to hospital where they were pronounced dead.

The police say two illegal handguns, a 9mm Taurus and a 9mm Smith and Wesson, were recovered from the men.
The Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECPM) has commenced their probe into the killing.

Meanwhile, the young Taylor was said to be wanted in connection with  the brutal gun slaying of 52-year-old airport worker Dawnette Shettleworth and 41-year-old nail technician Cleoapatra Fletcher in Catherine Hall, Montego Bay two months ago.


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