File photo of guns seized during a recent operationFile photo of guns seized during a recent operation

Police say they have arrested three men and seized four firearms along with several rounds of ammunition in the last 36 hours as they intensify their all island clampdown to rid the streets of illegal guns.

In the first operation police seized one MAC-11 Uzi Submachine gun and several rounds of ammunition during a raid in China Town, St Catherine on Friday.

One man was also apprehended in connection with the find.

Reports from the Portmore Police Station are that about 8:15 a.m., a team of officers was patrolling the community when they observed a man acting in a manner that arose their suspicion.

Upon seeing the Police, he allegedly removed an object from his waistband and threw it away. He then walked away, and was later accosted.

The object was subsequently retrieved and found to be a MAC-11 Uzi Submachine gun along with a magazine containing seven 9mm rounds.

The suspect was taken into custody; however his identity is being withheld pending further investigations.

Several hours later a team of police went to Cling Cling Avenue, Olympic Gardens, and St. Andrew where they held one man and seized two firearms.

Reports from the Hunts Bay Police are that about 9:00 p.m., lawmen carried out an operation at a house in the area, which resulted in the seizure of two firearms and twenty-four rounds- one Llama .45 pistol along with two magazines and seventeen rounds of ammunition and one Browning 9mm pistol along with seven rounds of ammunition.

The identity of the man in custody is being withheld pending further investigations.

In another matter that took place on Saturday police seized one Heckler & Koch 9mm pistol with a magazine containing sixteen 9mm rounds of ammunition.

Reports from the Morgan’s Bridge Police in Westmoreland are that about 2:30 a.m., the police were on patrol when they came upon a wake in progress. Two men who were observed leaning on motor cycles; ran into bushes on the approach of the lawmen. A search of the area was conducted and the firearm along with the ammunition was found.