Police sources have concurred with the position that has been presented by the family of vendor Romain ‘Boysie’ White, whose funeral service was shot up in downtown Kingston on Sunday, that White was not known to be associated with gang activities, which could have triggered the attack.

So why was the vicious assault launched on the mourners at church, which resulted in two fatalities and some seven more persons nursing gunshot wounds?

Police close to the matter, said stone cold White was not the intended target, but instead, persons who were in attendance at the funeral service.

Police sources said indications are that gangsters from an area that is presently under heavy policing, used the opportunity to launch the deadly attack on rivals from the same community, who were expected to attend the funeral.

Reports were that on Sunday during the funeral service, a group of gunmen alighted from a vehicle and opened fire at a group of mourners at Kings Chapel Seventh-Day Adventist Church on Windward Road.

Nine people were injured, two fatally.

While the mourners generally grapple to find a motive for the attack, the cops are piecing the situation together and are believed to be reaching some conclusions.

“The attack was carried out by members of a Corporate Area gang who got information that individuals from a rival gang would be present at the funeral service,” a police source said.

The source said because of heavy police presence in the area where the gang normally operates, the attempt was made to attack persons who are considered their enemies at the funeral service which had no special security arrangement.

The source said the attack caught the respective law enforcement officials off guard.

“The vendor was not known to be a person involved in gang activities. As a result, there may have been a lapse regarding the provision of security at the service, which is the norm when persons of questionable character are being buried,” the senior policeman told.