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Reggae artiste Richie Spice will be releasing a new album, cryptically dubbed ‘The Album’ next year.

“It is an album with a different kind of production, it is not my best album, because we are always working, but I believe it is a great product, it addresses topics, worldwide politics, topical issues in Jamaica, and endorsing the woman dem said speed, that is why it is called ‘The Album’,” he told Loop Jamaica reporter Claude Mills.

The album will feature work by producers such as Stephen Stanley, Clive Hunt and Rohan ‘Jah Snowcone’ Fuller.

Richie Spice has been added to the lineup of the GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza and he is relishing the prospect of his upcoming performance.

“Yes man, mi a look forward to the show, is a end of year show that full of positive vibrations and well organised, so I am looking forward to performing for the fans,” he said.

Richie Spice has fully recovered from a fall at a stage show earlier this year that made the rounds on social media. The event that the incident occurred was in Sligoville, St Catherine a few days prior to his European tour over the Summer. He said he suffered no injuries.

“There were no broken bones, when you do music in the spirit, nothing caan filter the music , nothing caan happen to you,” he said.