A vendor who pleaded “not guilty with explanation and self-defence” had those in court laughing uncontrollably on Friday.

Rohan Ellis’s plea came on the heels of allegation that he assaulted another vendor in downtown Kingston on November 30.

The prosecutor told the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court that Ellis, 34, kicked the complainant several times.

Parish Judge Chester Crooks explained to Ellis that an explanation normally arises from a guilty plea.

But that did not stop Ellis from telling the court that the complainant bit him.

The complainant, who was eager to express herself despite her speech impediment, was furious.

“Him see me downtown and say come out a di bus mad gal and lick mi with the bucket,” the complainant said.

The complainant, who had a lot to say, was told to be quiet by Judge Crooks.

Ellis, who was initially granted station bail in the sum of $10,000, was ordered to leave his fingerprints with the police.

But the complainant, who was seemingly not pleased, indicated to the court that Ellis had been interfering with her.

Crooks warned Ellis and the complainant not to interfere with each other.

“If you interfere with her, I will throw that case through the window so fast you will blind,” Crooks promised Ellis.